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Martyna Wojciechowska celebrated by Barbie for International Women’s Day

Warsaw, Poland – Ahead of International Women’s Day, Barbie introduced a new batch of their world-famous dolls based on inspiring historical and contemporary women.

Girls have always been able to play out different roles and careers with Barbie and we are thrilled to shine a light on real-life role models to remind them that they can be anything”, write Lisa McKnight, senior vice-president and general manager of Barbie in a news release.

The new dolls come with educational information each woman made to the world. Along with the likes of Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and US gold-medal-winning snowboarder, Chloe Kim, Polish journalist and explorer Martyna Wojciechowska became a new addition to Mattel’s “Shero” line of dolls.

A journalist, traveler, writer, producer, movie director, and fighter for women’s empowerment around the world, Martyna Wojciechowska dared to dream about things «not meant for girls» from an early age. She became the first Central-Eastern European woman to complete the Paris-Dakar Rally in 2002 and famously conquered the Seven Summits, the highest mountains of each of the seven continents.

Among the newly released “Inspiring Women” dolls, we can also find Mexican artist and activist Frida Kahlo and aviator Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

The dolls will be rolled out in stores soon but are currently on pre-sale on the Barbie website.

While many have welcomed the new line, some critics have expressed their disappointment in their thinned-down body types. As Heidi Stevens comments in her Chicago Tribune column, if these women took risks, changed rules and paved the way for generations of girls to dream bigger than ever before… “why shrink them?”


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