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Croatia remains the top holiday destination for Czech tourists

Tourist agencies and travel blogs like to advertise the fact the Czech Republic has it all: breathtaking natural landscapes, incredible historical gems, a vibrant artistic scene, a low-cost of living, etc., etc. For honesty’s sake, we also do it.

However, saying Czechs have it all would mean disregarding one crucial fact, forgetting one critical element they lack – and will, most probably, always lack: the sea.

Located at the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is completely cut off from any maritime access. And, as data strongly suggests, Czechs do seem to desperately miss it.

Apart from 2015, Croatia has been the top holiday destination for Czech tourists for the last fifteen years. And it seems like Croatian beaches will keep attracting sun-bathing enthusiasts from Bohemia and Moravia for many years to come. According to data released by the Czech statistical office, around 850.000 Czechs visited Croatia last year, a 3% increase compared to 2016. Italy came in second, with over 630.000 tourists, surprisingly outranking Slovakia (615.000). Czechs’ interest for their Slovak neighbour has been slowly declining over the years: the wonders of the the High Tatras or Banská Bystrica may no longer be able to compete with the unbeatable charm of… sand.

The other destinations which have experienced the sharpest increase in arrivals of Czech tourists also reveal such a longing: Egypt (245.000 last year, +111% in two years) and Bulgaria (214.000, +124%).

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