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Ryanair launches new flight connections with Poland as CEO slams “stupid” Warsaw airport project

Warsaw, Poland – Europe’s leading low-cost carrier Ryanair recently announced new connections to and from Poland.

New connections with France and Ukraine

This week, the Irish company said it was opening two new flight connections between France and Poland: the Bordeaux-Krakow and Marseille-Warsaw lines will be operated twice a week in Ryanair’s 2019 summer schedule.

Last month, Ryanair had already made public its plans to start operating flights from Ukraine in a bid to compete with low-cost Hungarian airline Wizzair. The Budapest-based carrier already operates flights between Ukraine and Central European countries, including Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

Ryanair’s first ever flight from Ukraine took off on September 3, between Kyiv and Berlin. In October, a number of flight connections will also be launched between Ukraine and Poland: the Ryanair fleet will link Kyiv to several Polish cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Bydgoszcz and Wroclaw) and the Western city of Lviv to Warsaw and Krakow. These new flight connections are mainly targeted at the estimated 1 million Ukrainians currently working in Poland and going back and forth on a regular basis.

New Warsaw airport “a stupid plan”, according to Ryanair CEO

Meanwhile, Ryanair’s CEO lambasted Poland’s plan to build a 10 billion dollar airport outside of the capital Warsaw. “It’s a stupid plan”, Michael O’Leary said, “it’s the kind of plan that only politicians and civil servants could come up with”, arguing it would be a waste of money that would be better spent on improving existing facilities.

Michael O’Leary urged Polish policy-makers not to repeat the mistakes of Germany, where the notoriously cursed Brandenburg airport project has been overdue for over six years.

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