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French polemicist praises Poland and Hungary for “protecting their genius” against Muslims

Paris, France – Debating on French television on a wide range of issues, including recent developments in Central European countries, controversial polemicist and journalist Eric Zemmour sang Hungary and Poland’s praises, arguing that their hardline immigration policies against Muslims and other ethnicities should serve as “models” and that other countries have a lot of lessons to learn from them.

When show host and political commentator Ruth Elkrief argued that both countries had “lost the habit of opening their borders” after more than 40 years of communism, M. Zemmour replied that this is only “what journalists say”.

“Traumatized by three centuries of Islamic occupation”, Hungarians simply “don’t want Islam” in their country, he replied. “They’re not closed countries”, he commented – citing Poland’s attempts to facilitate the arrival and long-term stay of Ukrainian workers – they only “want to protect their genius, their way of life” from Muslim migrants.

Poland and Hungary don’t want anything to do with our “multi-cultural societies”, the writer, author of The French Suicide, further remarked: not only are they “completely right” on their stance towards Islam and Muslims, but they should be “proud” of what they’re doing, according to M. Zemmour.


When Ms. Elkrief pointed out the growing concerns over the rule of law in Poland and Hungary – both facing EU disciplinary action – M. Zemmour discarded those arguments, saying that she paid too much attention to claims made by “journalists and the European Parliament”.

Eric Zemmour is one of the most controversial public figures in France. Famous for his radical, provocative, highly conservative and anti-liberal positions, he has been at the center of numerous controversies and was convicted a few years ago for provocation to racial discrimination.

Despised by some, who accuse him of spreading hate, promoting discrimination and fostering racism, M. Zemmour is also hailed by others for allegedly “speaking the truths” that political correctness is trying to gloss over or silence. His latest controversy originated from his claim – incidentally based on factual errors – that the name of Hapsatou Sy, a French journalist of Senegalese descent, was “an insult to France” and that the names of Christian saints should be the only ones allowed.

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  1. These countries, former Soviet bloc members, realize that their national cultures are worth saving and fighting for.

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