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KafkaTune of the Month: Bažant na víne, by Miroslav Žbirka

Every month, Kafakdesk explores Central Europe’s rich folk and pop cultures to present some of the region’s most popular tunes and beats… that you might never have heard of. This month brings us back to 1982 Czechoslovakia with Miroslav Žbirka‘s melodic Bažant na víne.

Did you know that Czechoslovakia had its very own John Lennon? Now known internationally, Bratislava-born Miro Žbirka’s started his musical career as a member of Modus, a popular Slovak group of the 1970s. He then founded the band Limit in the 1980s and released his breakthrough LP Sezónne Lásky in 1982 with the song “Bažant na víne” as its sixth track. The LP earned him the popular Zlatý Slavík award for best male singer in Czechoslovakia. Still popular in Slovakia and the Czech Republic after more than thirty years, Miro recorded a total of a dozen studio albums, four compilations, one live record and two DVDs. Now living part-time in London, he’s released albums in English, such as Giant Step (1983) and more recently, Miro (2015), and famously tries to record songs simultaneously in Slovak and in English. His Lennon-esque single Love Shines, recorded at Abbey Road, was an international hit.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to his concerts in Prague, Bratislava and Brno last year, here’s what you missed…

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