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Budapest voted Best European Destination 2019

Budapest, Hungary – The capital of Hungary has been voted best place to travel in Europe for the 10th edition of the competition organised by European Best Destination (EBD). Braga in Portugal and Monte Isola in Italy complete the podium.

‘Budapest offers the elegance of Paris, the architectural heritage of Vienna, the charm of Porto, and Stockholm’s gentle way of life,’ announced the travel website after more than half a million travelers voted in their annual Best European Destination content.

Shortlisted last year for European Capital of Smart Tourism, the Polish city of Poznan finished 5th, while Bratislava finished 9th. According to We Love Budapest, ‘the winner of the contest receives a whole year’s promotion on the EBD website, in international media and on social media sites’.

It is the second time in two years that a Central European city wins the competition after the Polish city of Wroclaw was awarded the title in 2018.

European Best Destinations is a European organisation based in Brussels and developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe in partnership with the participating tourism offices.

In December, Budapest Christmas Market had already been voted Europe’s second best by European Best Destinations.

Seems like the blokes in Brussels have a thing for Goulash…

7 comments on “Budapest voted Best European Destination 2019

  1. Budapest may not be the best European city but for sure it is worth to visit it! Lolevy atmosphere, great sights and do not forget to visit the baths – wonderful adventure.

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