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Hungarian village breaks record of world’s longest sausage

Budapest, Hungary – If you’ve just finished eating or feel somewhat bloated and full from your previous meal, it’s probably best not to keep on reading. But if you’re feeling peckish, all the better to discover the new world record of the longest sausage ever produced.

The Hungarian village of Sajóvámos, located in the north-eastern part of the country, broke the noteworthy and mouth-watering record of the world’s longest sausage in history. The incredible sausage measures no less than 2.431 metres long, or more than 2.600 yards.

The team of 16 residents from Sajóvámos therefore beat – by a wide margin – the previous record of the world’s longest sausage, that was achieved at the Serbian Sausage Festival back in 2015, where a crew of kolbász enthusiasts made a 2.031 metres long sausage, weighing roughly 3 tonnes.

The small village of barely more than 2.000 souls has yet to wait for official confirmation from the Guinness World Record Association, that still has to check and monitor if the record was truly broken according to its rules. The official certification of the record is expected to take a couple of weeks.

Credit: Facebook page of Sajóvámosi fényképtár

According to some local reports, the sausage “almost has the same length in metres as the main street of the village”. If they managed to do this on purpose, once again hats off…

But this is not the first time Hungarians excel at some weird activity: a couple of weeks ago, we’ve compiled a list of the strangest, most mind-boggling or most impressive Guinness World Records achieved by Hungarians and/or in Hungary.

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