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Hungarian producer wins world’s best hot sauce award

Budapest, Hungary – Hungarian cuisine wouldn’t be the same without its world-class spices. And thanks to some local producers’ craft and creativity, home-grown spices and flavours rank among the best in the world: last week, GaBko Chili’s ‘Ale Mango Habanero’ was crowned the world’s best hot sauce by the World Hot Sauce Award.

Voted the overall winner for the title of the best hot sauce in the world, GaBko Chili also won the first prize in the fruity hot sauce category, ahead of a plum-based product by Czech producer Palito Family and another Slovak-made seasoning (looks like Central Europe is the place to be to taste the world’s most delicious fruit-flavored hot sauces…).

The founder and owner of Gabko Chili, located in the small city of Nagymaros north of Budapest, Gábor Nagy launched his small business back in 2011. Production and shipments have been progressively growing by the year, with the producer now proposing a wide range of more than a dozen different kinds of highly original sauces and seasoning, from ‘Jalapeno with Tequila’ to ‘Jalapeno Jelly’ and hot pepper creams.

Credit: Gabko Chili Facebook page

“I needed a product that could be used as a spice and that didn’t make my food too salty, but I got the desired effect from a small amount, while preserving the real taste and power of chili”, he previously said explaining his original and sometimes risky choice of recipes, and his attempt to appeal to both hot-sauce lover and amateurs of milder condiments.

The complete list of winners was revealed on February 25 by the World Hot Sauce Award, who has been organizing a worldwide contest of the best hot sauces for several years in a row.

In 2017, GaBko Chili had already won first prize in the category of alcohol-infused BBQ sauce for its yummy BBQ sauce with whiskey and honey; the Hungary-based producer also came second worldwide in the extra-hot category that same year.

But winning the title of the world’s best hot sauce will surely take Gabko Chili’s condiments to a whole new level of reputation. As Forbes Hungary reports, the orders for Gabko Chili sauces have already started to skyrocket only a few days after the results were announced, with restaurants and food chains all around the world interested in purchasing Gábor Nagy’s mouth-watering and crafty sauces.

Credit: Gabko Chili Facebook page

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