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Fort Trump, distracted boyfriends and African fever… What’s new?

Didn’t have time to read the news lately? Kafkadesk’s got you covered. Here’s our recap of what’s been going on and what you might have missed these last few days: Fort Trump in Poland, distracted boyfriends in Hungary, and more.

Hungary uses ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme to promote family policy

The Hungarian government has launched a new campaign to promote traditional family values and urge couples to have more children. Nothing really new here, as Prime Minister Viktor Orban has long defended traditional family values and recently presented a controversial national action plan to boost the country’s failing birth rate and reverse the Hungarian population’s demographic decline.

What’s more surprising is the choice of models used for the campaign: the pair, appearing in the absolute bliss of conjugal love, is the same featured on the “distracted boyfriend” picture, that became a world-famous meme, and where the man is shown shamelessly looking at another woman passing on the street, at the apparent utter dismay of his girlfriend. At the look of the happy couple now, the young man must have come up with a pretty good explanation for his momentary lapse in decorum…


Negotiations for ‘Fort Trump’ in Poland continue

U.S. Defense Undersecretary for Policy John Rood met with Polish officials in Warsaw on Wednesday to discuss the establishment of a permanent U.S. military base in Poland. “We have come forward with what we think is a very serious robust offer”, Rood’s deputy for international affairs Katie Wheelbarger said.

Poland has long been lobbying Washington to put U.S. permanent boots on the ground. Negotiations were given a boost last year, when Warsaw offered to pay up to 2 billion dollars for the base, and President Andrzej Duda pitched the idea to the U.S. President, nicknaming it ‘Fort Trump’, during a meeting at the White House.

The controversial move is seen as critics as a costly venture that would unnecessarily escalate tensions with Moscow. Proponents consider that it would shore up Poland and Eastern Europe’s deterrence against Russia and send a clear signal of the U.S.’ continued involvement in the defense of the Alliance’s Eastern flank.

The Czech Republic eradicates African swine fever

On Wednesday, the European Commission announced that the Czech Republic had officially eradicated the African swine fever (ASF) from its territory. The risk for the disease of being reintroduced in the future remains high, as it continues to spread in other European countries, including Poland and Hungary.

The African swine fever is an infectious disease transmitted by wild boars and pigs, which can often be deadly. No vaccine exists at the time to fight the virus, although the EU has allocated considerable funds to ASF research over the past several years.

It doesn’t affect humans nor other animal species. Usually restricted to sub-Sahara Africa, the disease is currently present in nine European countries (Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Belgium), and has been present in Sardinia, Italy, since 1978.

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