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Prague crowned best city to live in Central and Eastern Europe

Prague, Czech Republic – Prague once again tops the Central European charts as the best city to live in in a recently published study examining the quality of life of approximately four hundred cities in Europe and throughout the world.

According to the latest survey by U.S.-based consultancy firm Mercer, Prague is the most livable city in Central and Eastern Europe. Globally, the Czech capital ranked 69th best city to live in, slightly ahead of other major capitals in Central Europe like Budapest (76th), Bratislava (80th) and Warsaw (82nd).

Ljubljana (74th) and Vilnius (81st) also rank among the most attractive destinations in Central and Eastern Europe in 2019.

According to this 21st edition of Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey, the city offering the best quality of life in the world is Vienna, followed by Zurich, Munich, Vancouver and Auckland. Both Switzerland and Germany count three cities ranked in the top 10 best cities to live in, while as many as 13 European cities are ranked in the world’s top 20.

Other big European capitals like Berlin (13th), Paris (39th) and London (41st) kept the same ranking as last year, while Madrid (46th) and Rome (56th) climbed a few positions up the ladder.

Singapore (25th), Montevideo (73rd) and Port Louis (83rd) are ranked as the best cities in Asia, South America and Africa respectively, while the five most livable places to be in North America are all located in Canada.

The lowest ranking European cities this year were Minsk (188th worldwide), Tirana (175th) and Saint Petersburg (174th). Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg were also ranked as the least safe cities in Europe in a separate Mercer study specifically dedicated to security.

The world’s bottom five cities in the quality of life ranking are Baghdad (Iraq), Bangui (Central African Republic), Sana’a (Yemen), Port au Prince (Haiti) and Khartoum (Sudan).

One of the top ten richest regions in the EU, Prague has a lot more to offer than just cheap beer and beautiful buildings (although it does factor in, obviously) : with great economic and employment prospects, countless UNESCO World Heritage Sites just a few hours away and one of the highest levels of safety and security in Europe, the Czech capital seems to check all the boxes.

No wonder its appeal has been growing by the year, both for tourists, whose numbers have skyrocketed lately, and expats, who now account for more than one fourth of Prague’s working population. The Czech capital was also recently ranked as the second best European city for millennials, surpassed only by Zurich, in Switzerland.

That seems reassuring: we weren’t too far off when we reported last year that the quality of life in Prague was among the best in Europe and hard to find elsewhere