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Wrocław named best and most reputable city in Poland

Wrocław, Poland – If you haven’t been to the city of Wrocław yet, don’t put it off any longer: it might be the best choice when coming to Poland!

According to the annual ranking (in Polish) released by Premium Brand, Wrocław was named as the best city in Poland. Every year, the survey measures the reputation of the main Polish cities and urban centers, asking respondents a series of questions on work conditions, the quality of social life, or how likely they are to recommend the cities to their friends.

The survey was conducted on a representative panel of over 1.000 respondents, and ranked cities on a scale of 0 to 100 – to qualify for the status of High Reputation City, one has to receive at least 60 points in the ranking.

Crowned best and most reputable city in Poland in 2019, Wrocław defeated Krakow, the country’s second largest city and winner of last year’s edition. Krakow is followed by Gdansk, the coastal northern city which completes the podium. Poland’s capital Warsaw is tied at the fourth place with Poznan.

According to the survey, Warsaw remains the most visited city in Poland, followed by Krakow (2nd). Wrocław and Katowice are tied at the third position.

Source: Premium Brand

Located in the south-west of Poland on the banks of the Oder river, Wrocław is the capital of the Lower Silesia province and the fourth biggest Polish metropolis, with approximately 600.000 inhabitants. It’s also one of the most youthful cities in Poland, with a strong student community estimated to account for nearly one fourth of its total population. The University of Wrocław is one of the most prestigious in the country, attracting students from all parts of Poland, and Europe.

Over the years, Wroclaw’s reputation has grown, both at home and abroad: the city hosted the 2012 UEFA Euro Championships, along with other cities in Poland and Ukraine, and was named European Capital of Culture four years later. In 2018, Wrocław was crowned Best European Destination by the eponymous Brussels-based organization in charge of promoting culture and tourism across Europe.

This year, the title of Best European Destination went to another Central European city, Budapest, while Poznan, shortlisted last year for European capital of Smart Tourism, finished at a commendable 5th place.

10 comments on “Wrocław named best and most reputable city in Poland

  1. Roberto

    It’s an amazing city but quality of air is terrible, one of the worst in Europe.

    • No shit. I have three airpurifiers going as we speak. And from mid-november to march they really have hard work 😦

  2. Don Nowosiadly

    I remember back in 1994 during our visit to Wroclaw that they were in the process of reworking the streets so I’m glad they received this recognition. Congratulations to them 👫

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