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Warsaw ranked third cheapest European destination in 2019

Warsaw, Poland – Good news for tourism operators, bad news for those longing for peace and quiet, as, tourists might soon come flocking to Warsaw, ranked among the cheapest destination in Europe.

Warsaw ranks as the third cheapest European destination for 2019, according to the Post Office Travel Money, which releases an annual ranking of the cheapest holiday breaks in Europe.

The City Costs Barometer 2019 focuses on the average cost of a number of products and services to determine the overall cost of a few days break in the chosen cities: coffee, beer and other beverages, transport between the airport and city center, sightseeing activities, museum and galleries entrance fees and cost of accommodation for a few nights for two adults.

Vilnius is crowned cheapest European capital for a holiday break in 2019, with an overall cost of £147. The Lithuanian capital is followed by Belgrade (£152) and Warsaw, that completes the podium (gaining one spot compared to 2018), with an overall estimated cost of £160. Poland’s capital city is followed by Istanbul, Bucharest, Porto and Riga.

Other Central European capitals also rank among the cheapest holiday breaks in 2019: Bratislava comes at the 8th position, ahead of Prague (10th, losing 3 spots) and Budapest (11th, minus 5 places). Ranked cheapest European destination in the City Costs Barometer 2018, Krakow is only 13th this year.


If you’d like to travel on a budget across Europe, here are the top 20 cheapest European cities to consider for a holiday break without breaking your wallet or emptying your bank account.

  1. Vilnius – Lithuania
  2. Belgrade – Serbia
  3. Warsaw – Poland
  4. Istanbul – Turkey
  5. Bucharest – Romania
  6. Porto – Portugal
  7. Riga – Latvia
  8. Bratislava – Slovakia
  9. Moscow – Russia
  10. Prague – Czech Republic
  11. Budapest – Hungary
  12. Athens – Greece
  13. Krakow – Poland
  14. Lisbon – Portugal
  15. Nice – France
  16. Dubrovnik – Croatia
  17. Strasbourg – France
  18. Valencia – Spain
  19. Toulouse – France
  20. Tallinn – Estonia

According to EU data, Poland as a whole is the third cheapest country in the European Union, with Bulgaria and Romania ranked as the least expensive EU countries to live in on the long-term.

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