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Coca-Cola to launch its first energy drink in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary – Coca-Cola announced in a press release yesterday it is releasing its first-ever energy drink under the Coca-Cola brand in Europe. The Atlanta-based beverage giant said it will debut Coca-Cola Energy in Spain and Hungary, starting in April.

“Coca-Cola Energy includes ingredients from naturally derived sources and a delicious and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola,” said Javier Meza, Coca-Colaʼs Global Chief Marketing Officer. “We kept these two qualities at the heart of how we developed the recipe and are proud to offer it under the Coca-Cola brand, inviting people to try a new and different energy drink that is designed to complement upbeat and busy lives.”

According to the Coca-Cola website, the new beverage is expected to taste like a regular Coke and will include caffeine from “naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts, B vitamins”, but no taurine. Sugar and calorie-free options will also be available.

Roughly equivalent to a double shot of espresso, Coca-Cola Energy will be more than three-time as caffeinated as a regular Coke, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. And we thought that Coca-Cola was stepping away from its core soda line and towards healthier options…

In line with the European Soft Drink Association guidelines, sampling of the product, aimed primarily at young adults, age 18 to 35, will not be allowed in near primary and secondary schools, and will not be promoted as a mix with alcohol.

So no Coke Energy in your Cuba Libre, people.

Following the introduction of Coca-Cola Energy in Spain and Hungary, Meza confirmed plans to add the energy drink in other markets around the world. “We plan to introduce Coca-Cola Energy in additional countries through 2019 and 2020,” he said. “We will confirm plans and timings if a decision is made to launch this new brand in a certain market.”

Aiming to join a crowded energy-drink market currently dominated by the likes of Red Bull and Rockstar, Coca-Cola is currently in arbitration with the Monster Beverage Corporation, a company in which Coca-Cola bought a nearly 17 percent in 2015, over the launch of its new energy drinks, which Monster claims could violate their 2015 agreement.

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