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Czech Republic: First black MP hospitalized after ‘racial attack’

Prague, Czech Republic – Czech MP from the center-right opposition TOP 09 party Dominik Feri was physically abused over the week-end in what local authorities described as a racial attack.

“Racial attack” against lawmaker in the Czech Republic

During a cultural and wine testing event held in the small town of Borsice in South Moravia, Dominik Feri was reportedly attacked, knifed and beaten by two men in the street. Witness reported that the two attackers yelled that “niggers had no place in politics”.

The Czech lawmaker of Ethiopian roots, 22 years old, was immediately transported and treated at the nearest hospital. He doesn’t suffer from any major injuries, according to local reports, and should quickly recover.

Czech political parties from across the spectrum, including the ODS, CSSD and TOP 09, were quick to condemn the attack.

Youngest and first black MP in the country

The first black and youngest lawmaker to sit in the lower house of the Czech parliament, Dominik Feri was selected last year in Politico’s ranking of 28 people shaping Europe.

Particularly popular among young, urban and pro-European voters, and highly active on social media platforms like Instagram, Dominik Feri is a regular target of racially motivated verbal attacks in a country where xenophobia, most notably towards people with African roots, remains widespread.

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