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Dutch attackers of Prague waiter sentenced to jail

Prague, Czech Republic – Two Dutch nationals accused of severely beating up a waiter in Prague last year were sentenced, this week, by Prague’s municipal court to five and six years in prison.

The two brothers, Aräsh and Armin Nahvi, were also sentenced to a ten-year expulsion from the Czech Republic and were ordered to pay 1.8 million Czech crowns in financial compensation to the victim, who had to undergo emergency surgery after the attack.

The defendants, who later expressed remorse over their action but argued they were acting in self-defense, can still appeal the court’s decision.

In April last year, a group of seven Dutch men attacked and brutally beat up a waiter from a restaurant, located in the Prague city centre next to the Quadrio shopping center, after they were told they weren’t allowed to bring their own alcohol on the premises of the restaurant.

The attack, caught on CCTV camera, quickly circulated on the internet and social media, sparking outrage throughout the Czech Republic.

Out of the original group of seven Dutch citizens, who were reportedly in Prague for a bachelor party, two were released and three received suspended sentences. According to local reports, all were trained in martial arts and fighting sports, and one of them was a police officer from Amsterdam.

The last two, said to have played the biggest role in the attack, were initially charged with serious bodily harm by public prosecutors. The charges were then upgraded to attempted murder a few months later after closer examination of the injuries suffered by the victim.

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