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Polish politician’s ‘Medieval campaign ad’ draws ridicule

Warsaw, Poland – Making your voice heard in an over-crowded and saturated political arena is not an easy feat. And while many politicians resort to shock announcements and nicely-worded punchlines, others opt for a less conventional and more fanciful approach to stand out of the crowd.

A Polish politician might have just taken it up a notch.

As local media reports, Karol Karski, an EU lawmaker from Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, just released its campaign advert for the upcoming European elections where he appears… as a Polish Medieval knight in (not so) shining armor.

While failing to match the greatest battle scenes of the likes of Gladiator or Lord of the Rings, Karol Karski’s campaign video starts with a nicely-choreographed fight opposing two Polish soldiers to a pair of Teutonic knights (guess who wins).

At the end of the video, a third Polish knight arrives and, in an insufferable and climactic suspense, lifts up his helmet to reveal the face of the ruling party politician and MEP.

“We need efficient and brave representatives in the European Parliament”, the knighted Karski argues, warning of the important battle ahead on May 26, when EU citizens will head to the polls to elect their country’s representatives in the European Parliament. “I am asking for your vote”, concludes the politician, sword and shield in hand.


M. Karski’s quirky and daring campaign advert quickly drew ridicule from social media users. “Who the hell does marketing or image consulting for these people?”, asked one bewildered citizen.

And while some angrily drew parallels between M. Karski’s Medieval ad and the ruling party’s “backwards” and retrograde policies, others more jokingly linked the Polish knight’s performance to the famous knight scenes of Monty Python’s classic Holy Grail movie.

This isn’t the first marketing feat of M. Karski, who already distinguished himself in the previous election campaign with a cheesy and quirky song created just for the occasion.

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