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Tesla to strengthen foothold in the Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic – As part of its bid to expand its presence throughout the EU markets and strengthen its foothold in Central and Eastern Europe, Tesla is due to ramp up its operations in the Czech Republic through the launch of a new service center.

According to local media, Tesla will soon be opening a service center and car dealership in Prague, in the north-eastern district of Vysocany, to deliver directly its vehicles to Czech customers. At the beginning, however, the dealership will only be able to deliver Tesla cars ordered through the internet, mainly imported from Germany.

Rumors about the establishment of an official Tesla office in the Czech Republic had been circulating for months, but the exact date of the opening of the new service center and dealership is not yet known.

According to reports, citing figures from the Czech Ministry of Transport, there are currently 400 to 500 Tesla vehicles in the country. Until now, Tesla car owners in the Czech Republic had to travel to neighbouring countries to buy, pick-up and service their cars.

Although the world’s largest electric car producer, Tesla has faces strong domestic competition on the Czech market, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers per capita, as iconic local car-maker Skoda, part of the German Volkswagen Group since 1990, has also launched an ambitious and wide-ranging electric transition strategy and plans to launch the first electric series in 2019 and 2020.

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