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Prague crowned best city in the world for students

Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech capital city has been crowned best city in the world for students, according to a world-wide study conducted by, an app and website that helps students around the world find part-time jobs during their university years.

Prague ranks as the most student-friendly city in the world

Most livable city in Central and Eastern Europe, second best city in Europe for milennials, and, now, most student-friendly city in the world: Prague appears to be collecting the titles as one of the most attractive cities in Europe.

According to, the Czech capital is the best student city in the world, beating Moscow (2nd) and Berlin (3rd) for the top slot. Other highly attractive and popular international cities for students include, according to the ranking, Beijing, Montreal, Taipei, Manchester, Tokyo, Vienna and Seoul. London comes at the 12th position, Paris at the 16th while New York ranks 18th.

The ranking, which compares 30 of the world’s main cities, includes eleven cities in Europe, eight in Asia, six from the Americas and five in Oceania.

Good for beer, bad for part-time jobs

The ranking is based on five variables meant to take financial, social and cultural factors into account: average monthly rent, ease of finding part-time jobs, cost of a pint, number of concerts and shows in the city, and number of top-rated universities.

Prague, capital city of the country boasting the largest consumption of beer per capita in the world, scored first for the low cost of a pint (which averages at around £1.23 according to the ranking). The Czech capital city also scored high, second only after Taiwan’s Taipei, for a low cost of rent, despite skyrocketing prices over the past few years – an estimated average monthly rent cost of £570.

But Prague scored at the bottom of the ranking, at the 20th spot, for the number of part-time jobs available (based on data from AppJobs itself) – something that might come as a surprise considering Prague and the Czech Republic boast the EU’s lowest unemployment and highest job vacancy rates.

Home to only three top-rated universities, Prague ranked 16th in the educational category, and 7th for the number of concerts and shows, surpassed by some of the world’s main cultural hotspots such as New York, London and Paris.

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