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Czech opposition politician calls to kill President Zeman

Prague, Czech Republic – An opposition politician recently publicly called to kill Czech President Milos Zeman, prompting his own party to distance itself from his comments.

In a Facebook post, Martin Lang, a Civic Democratic (ODS) politician from Jesenice, in the Prague West district, identified all the lawmakers who voted in favour of the taxation of churches’ restitution as “stinking, treasonous pigs” and “moral monsters” that need to be “killed”.

Martin Lang specifically singled out Czech President Milos Zeman, who signed the law into effect, as “a stupid, senile Bolshevik” and “second Hitler who must be cut like a swine”. kill zeman

Although dating back to the end of April, his post was recently unearthed by the Nas Region website, forcing M. Lang to eventually delete his Facebook message, which has kept circulating on social media ever since then.

In his post, M. Lang also justified the use of force and extreme means to “defend the rights of citizens”: although advocating to first use all the legal means necessary to do so, the ODS politician then claimed “it’s necessary to cut off the heads of such evil” if the legal process fails.


Head of the Civic Democrats Petr Fiala condemned the comments as “absolutely unacceptable” and urged the regional ODS branch to distance itself from M. Lang and to make sure nothing of the sort happens again.

Jan Skopeček, chairman of the Central Bohemian branch of the ODS party, said in a statement that this call was “contrary to the values of the Civic Democratic Party”, “contrary to human decency” and that political disagreements cannot justify the use of such hateful speech.

Spokesman of President Zeman Jiří Ovčáček announced that the matter should be handled by law enforcement authorities and that the Presidential Office had already contacted the police over the outburst.

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