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Renowned Polish Film Festival kicks off in New York

Warsaw, Poland – The renowned New York Polish Film Festival (NYPFF) kicks off tomorrow in the Big Apple, with the aim of promoting home-grown feature films, documentaries and short movies to the U.S. audience.

Founded in 2005, the New York Polish Film Festival is now in its 15th year running, and is widely considered as one of the major events to promote Polish cinema to the U.S. and North-American audience.

The festival presents contemporary Polish movies, many of them making their U.S. premiere, and showcases the past achievements of the biggest names of Polish cinema. Its 2019 edition will run from May 22-24 and June 1-2.

“As the largest festival of its type in the Northeast, NYPFF continue to highlight the diversity of voices that shape contemporary Polish cinema, and to celebrate and promote stories that resonate far beyond the boundaries of the Polish community”, according to the festival’s organizers.

Among the most promising movies presented this year, we can find ‘The Butler’ by Filip Bajon, ‘Werewolf’ by Adrian Panek and ‘Nina’ by debuting director Olga Chajdas (who’ll also present one of her short-films), as well as ‘Seven Emotions’ by Marek Koterski, ‘A Cat with a Dog’ by Janusz Kondratiuk or ‘Planet Single 3’ by Michal Chacinski and Sam Akina.

You can consult the complete lineup of this year’s selection on the festival’s official website.

Several of the directors and filmmakers will also be present and host a Q&A session with the audience after the screenings, which will be held at the Scandinavia House on Park Avenue in New York.

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