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Apple Pay rolls out in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary – Apple Pay launched this week in Hungary as part of its continued international and European expansion.

On Tuesday, Apple Pay officially launched in Hungary, along with a simultaneous roll-out in Luxembourg. iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch users will now be able to use Apple’s mobile payment system wherever they see the contactless logo of the U.S. company.

In Hungary, Apple Pay is supported by OTP Bank, the largest financial institution in the country. And as insider reports pointed out, “it’s important to note that Apple Pay is still rolling out in Hungary. This means you might encounter some hiccups during the setup process”.

You can find out more details about how you can use Apple Pay in Hungary and the main participating retailers on its Hungarian website.

Apple Pay’s recent roll-out in Hungary is only the latest sign of the contactless payment system’s growing presence in Central and Eastern Europe. In February, Apple Pay officially launched in the Czech Republic, while rumors have also been circulating about a possible roll-out in neighbouring Slovakia, although the information and/or exact date have yet to be confirmed.

Elsewhere in the CEE region, Apple Pay is also available in Poland and Ukraine.

First launched in the U.S. back in 2014, Apple’s mobile payment system is now available, with the most recent Hungary and Luxembourg roll-outs, in exactly 40 countries around the world, including more than 20 European states.

CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed that Apple Pay would launch in several new markets this year, with the aim of reaching a total of over 40 countries by the end of 2019 – by most accounts, a goal it’s already on track to reach.

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