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Czech Pirates insert anti-Babis coded message on EU election ballot

Prague, Czech Republic – Whoever said going to vote couldn’t go hand-in-hand with a bit of fun? czech pirates eu

As local media reported, the Pirate Party prepared a little surprise for the Czech voters who went to cast their ballot in this week-end’s European elections: as confirmed later on by its chairman, the Czech Pirates included a hidden coded message on the EU election ballot alluding to Prime Minister and leader of the ANO ruling party Andrej Babis.

The little prank came in the form of a riddle: the first letter of the job position mentioned for the first nine Pirate candidates on the ballot formed the sentence “Bureši čaú”, which translates into “Ciao Bureš” (“ciao” meaning both “hello” and “goodbye” in Czech language).

For those of you who don’t know, Bureš is the code-name used for Andrej Babis in the files of Czechoslovakia’s secret police StB. The Czech PM has long faced accusations that he collaborated with the StB under communism, but always denied the allegations.

A specific website was even created by the Czech opposition party where citizens could take a guess and try to resolve the mystery: a few thousand people reportedly cracked it.

Ivan Bartos, head of the Czech Pirate Party, took to Facebook to congratulate the code-breaking citizens who managed to decipher the message and reveal the pun after the election.

Despite this well-played joke, Andrej Babis’ ANO movement came out on top in the European elections with more than 21% of the votes, while the Pirates finished third, with 14%, right behind the center-right ODS party.

Source: Facebook page of Ivan Bartos

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