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Prague, Warsaw and Budapest ranked among the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe

Budapest, Hungary – The capital cities of the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are among the 10 best cities for vegans in Europe, according to the Happy Cow website. In recent survey of the online healthy eating guide’s data, Alternative Travelers ranked Prague, Warsaw and Budapest as the 4th, 5th and 8th most vegan-friendly destinations in Europe.  London, Berlin and Paris take the first three spots.

Indeed, already a magnet for tourists from all over the world, Central Europe is fast becoming a succulent, meat-free Mecca for vegan travellers. As the Mostly Amelie blog says, “we don’t all have to tuck into blood-oozing steaks all the time…”

Prague: a paradise for vegans

This might surprise some, since Czech cuisine is all about stewed meats, dumplings, and heavy sauces, but with 50 vegan restaurants listed on the Happy Cow website, Prague is actually the most attractive destination for vegans in Central Europe. Described by Veggie Visa as a “paradise for vegans”, the Czech capital has seen an explosion of an organic vegan scene in recent years. According to the travel blog, “Czechs have started to change their thinking about food and health and are very curious try vegan food”. For Mostly Amelie, “growth in tourism in recent times means people of all shades and tastes have been descending on the Czech Republic capital in greater numbers, and with a correlating rise in veganism, menus are changing to accommodate them”.

Warsaw: the Berlin of the East

Often overshadowed as a tourist destination by Krakow, the Polish capital has a “a plethora of vegan restaurants”, so much so that TikiTouringKiwi even called it the “new Berlin of the East” for its incredible variety of vegan food. Vegans with Appetites calls the Polish capital “one of the best destinations for vegan digital nomads”. With 47 vegan restaurants in a 5-mile radius listed on Happy Cow, Warsaw “continues its tremendous vegan growth spurt” and caterers “for all kinds of meat-free tastes”, according to Mostly Amelie. From restaurants serving vegan versions of traditional Polish food, “to burger joints, vegan sushi places, bistros, and vegan hot dog trucks,” the choice is indeed diverse the prices much relatively low. You can even get vegan pierogi!

Budapest: surprisingly awesome and up-and-coming

“Rapidly becoming a favourite destination among the health, animal-welfare and environmentally conscious,” the Hungarian capital is the 8th most attractive city for vegans in Europe. With 29 vegan restaurants listed on Happy Cow, Budapest “is now one of the most popular vegan-friendly cities in Europe!” For Vegan vs Travel, “Budapest has a surprisingly awesome up-and-coming vegan foodie scene”.

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  1. Where’s the burger in the picture from? It looks delicious!!


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