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Slovakia’s progressive opposition renews alliance ahead of 2020 vote

Bratislava, Slovakia – Last week, Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Together (Spolu) announced they signed a coalition agreement ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections.

Progressive Slovakia and Spolu seek to unseat ruling Smer party

The alliance of the two progressive parties, none of which currently holds any seat in Parliament, seeks to capitalize on strong wins in recent months and to accelerate the downfall of the ruling Smer party.

The announcement, widely expected, was made during a joint statement by Progressive Slovakia chairman Michal Truban, elected new party leader last month, and Together president Miroslav Beblavy.

After making strong gains during last year’s local elections, Progressive Slovakia, a pro-European, liberal party founded a few years ago, managed to propel its candidate Zuzana Caputova as the country’s first female president earlier this year. The PS-Spolu alliance also came out on top of last month’s European elections, with more than 20% of the votes.

“A new generations of politicians”

Announcing that they officially renewed their alliance for the crucial 2020 ballot, Progressive Slovakia and Together branded themselves as a new generation of politicians, earmarking issues such as education, health and social injustices as some of the main battlegrounds for Slovakia’s future. Both parties are currently working on a joint election program and leader for next year’s election.

The chairmen of the two parties also said they would seek ways to cooperate with Andrej Kiska, the outgoing president who announced he would form a new political party after  officially stepping down on June 15.

They also ruled out any cooperation in a coalition with the current ruling Smer-SD party, as well as the far-right party ĽSNS and the nationalist SNS.

After a sharp drop in polls in recent months and losses in both the presidential and European elections, the Smer party is facing an unprecedented crisis, while its long-time leader Robert Fico is being asked to step down by some party members.

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