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Czech Pirates celebrate 10-year anniversary

Prague, Czech Republic – Exactly one decade after its inception, the Pirates have positioned itself as a central force in the Czech political landscape.

The Czech Pirate Party was officially registered as a political formation at the Ministry of Interior on June 17, 2009, as Radio Prague reports, and celebrated, yesterday, its 10-year anniversary.

In ten years, Czech Pirates rose from a small grassroots party running on a mainly anti-corruption and political transparency platform to one of the major political players and main opposition forces in the Czech Republic. After winning over Prague’s municipal hall, support for the Czech Pirates got a strong boost, making them one of the most popular formations in the country.

According to recent polls, chairman Ivan BartoŇ° (pictured above) is the second most trusted politician in the country after Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

With 22 MP’s in the Czech lower house of Parliament, Czech Pirates are the third biggest force in the Chamber of Deputies, behind ruling ANO party and the right-wing Civic Democrats (ODS). It also cemented its position in last month’s European elections, coming in third with 14% of the votes and sending four representatives in the EU Parliament for the first time.

It remains unsure which European political family the Czech Pirates will join, with one of the most obvious choices being the new liberal, pro-EU ‘Renew Europe’ (ex-ALDE) group, a formation that also includes… PM Babis’ ANO movement.

You can learn more about the Czech Pirate Party and its program on its official website.

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