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German stunt pilot killed in Polish air crash

Warsaw, Poland – On Saturday, a German stunt pilot was killed in a Polish air crash after his plane plunged into the Vistula river in Poland.

The accident took place during a performance at the VII Air Picnic in Plock, an air show attended by some 40 pilots in Central Poland and one of the biggest of the kind in the country.

According to preliminary reports, the German pilot lost control of his aircraft which then went into a tailspin before crashing in the river. The show was entirely shut down after the accident, which occurred around 11 am. polish air crash

According to the firefighters of the town of Plock, the pilot’s body was recovered from the crash and found in the wreckage, roughly 8 meters under water.

The identity of the pilot wasn’t revealed. Organizers of the event only disclosed that he was a German national and a former Lufthansa pilot with a long experience.

The municipal council of Plock issued a statement to offer their “deepest sympathy” to the family and relatives of the pilot.

According to Wojciech Bogdal of the Mazovia Aeroclub, which organized the air show, the aircraft in question was a small two-seater Soviet-made Yak-52 training plane built in the 1980’s.

Local police has launched an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the tragic accident.