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Poland has EU’s second highest rate of temporary employees

Warsaw, Poland – According to Eurostat, Poland has the second highest rate of temporary employees in the EU in 2018 (24% of the total number of employees), only topped by Spain (27%).

Poland is the only country in Central and Eastern Europe to have a share of temporary employees above the EU average of 14%, even though it dropped by 2 percentage points compared to 2017. Women in Poland (25%) were slightly more prone to be employed with temporary contracts than Polish men (23.5%).

Other Visegrad Group countries reported much lower rates of temporary employment: Czech Republic, Slovakia (both 8%) and Hungary (7%).

Poland has the second highest rate of temporary employment. Source: Eurostat

The share of temporary employment was particularly high in Portugal (22%), the Netherlands (21%), Croatia (20%), Italy and France (17% each). At the other end of the scope, it was the lowest in Romania (1.1%), Lithuania (1.6%), Latvia (2.7%), Estonia (3.5%) and Bulgaria (4%).

In the EU as a whole, younger employees were much more vulnerable to temporary employment, reaching over 43% for those aged 15 to 24, compared to 12% for the 25 to 54 population and less than 7% for those aged from 55 to 64 years old.