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European heatwave: Poland and Czech Republic set historic temperature records

Warsaw, Poland – In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot. And about to get a whole lot hotter.

On Wednesday, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic recorded their highest temperatures in history for the month of June, according to meteorologists.

In the Czech Republic, temperatures reached 38.9°C in Doksany, northern Bohemia, compared to 38.2°C in Radzyn, eastern Poland – two national and historic highs for the month of June. With temperatures rising to 38.6°C in some parts of the country, Germany also set a new record for June.

The heatwave, which is impacting most of the European continent and originates from Sahara, is due to intensify over the week-end, with temperatures exceeding 40°C in several countries, including Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland.

Although heatwaves are a natural and seasonal phenomenon, experts expect extreme temperature events to intensify over the coming decades as a result of climate change

In several north-eastern provinces of Spain, temperatures are also expected to exceed 45°C. Extreme heat has sparked wildfires in Catalonia, the worst in decades according to local authorities.

Meanwhile, France has issued an orange alert, the second-highest heat warning level, on large parts of its territory as temperatures soared above 44°C on Friday. An estimated 15.000 people, mostly elderly, died during the 2003 heatwave in France as a result of extreme temperature levels.

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