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Polish hotel cancels on German far-right gathering

Warsaw, Poland – A Polish hotel cancelled the booking made by German far-right party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) for a planned meeting at the last minute, prompting threats of legal action.

When the AfD was unable to find accommodation willing to host them in Germany, they turned to Poland, more precisely to the Radisson Blu Hotel in the north-western city of Szczecin, close to the German border. But the hotel cancelled the rooms at the last minute, only two hours before the planned meeting was due to start.

Although the Polish hotel management cited power outage, spokesman of the German far-right, anti-immigration party Christian Lüth claimed the decision was motivated by “political reasons”.

“We had repeatedly confirmed the reservation. There will be legal action”, he told the AFP news agency.

Around 70 AfD representatives, including its top leadership, were first due to meet in Germany, but a hotel, citing “bad publicity”, cancelled. According to local media, the party faced similar difficulties with other venues that were unwilling to host the far-right gathering.

After the Szczecin accommodation also cancelled on them, members of the German far-right, anti-Islam party eventually gathered in the Reichstag Parliament building in Berlin.

The meeting was meant for the AfD to clarify its positions for the next parliamentary session, after it received only 11% of the votes in last month’s European elections, far below expectations.