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Prague records highest temperature since 1775

Prague, Czech Republic – Most of the European continent is facing an unprecedented heatwave with temperature reaching its highest level in decades, and Prague is no exception.

According to local media, the Czech capital recorded its highest temperature levels in the last 244 years.

The Klementinum monitoring station, located in the centre of Prague and the oldest in the country, recorded its all-time high temperature levels since its foundation in 1775, reaching 37.9°C on Sunday.

The information stemmed from the data released by Czech meteorologists, pointing that the previous record of the summers of 1983 and 2013 were broken by 0.1°C. The Klementinum’s previous June record was set on Wednesday last week at 37.5°C.

Dobřichovice, in the suburbs of Prague, reported the warmest temperatures across the country during Sunday’s heatwave and reached as high as 38.8°C over the week-end. More than 74% of the monitoring stations across the Czech Republic experienced record-high temperatures for the month of June.

Temperatures should slightly cool down in the Czech Republic this week and pass under 30°C, following important storms expected on Monday or Tuesday.

The all-time highest temperature in the Czech Republic as a whole dates back to August 20, 2012, reaching 40.4°C.

Last week, both Poland (38.2°C) and the Czech Republic (38.9°C) set historic national highs for the month of June.

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