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Czech Republic still EU’s unemployment champion

Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Republic continues to boast the lowest unemployment rate in the EU.

Czech Republic has lowest unemployment in Europe

According to recently released Eurostat data, unemployment in the Czech Republic stood at 2.2% in May – the same level as in April – the single-lowest rate in the EU ahead of Germany (3.1%) and the Netherlands (3.3%). This amounts to roughly 119,000 people currently unemployed in the country, further cementing Czechia’s position as one of the most attractive destinations for job-seekers in Europe.

Unemployment for Czech women was roughly 1 percentage point higher than for their male counterparts (2.7% for women, compared to 1.8% for men).

Its youth (under 25 years old) unemployment, however, stood at 7.1% in May, still one of the lowest rates in the EU but higher than Germany (5.1%) and the Netherlands (6.3%).


Hungary and Poland also among lowest joblessness rates in EU

Other Visegrad Group countries also boast among the lowest shares of unemployed people throughout the bloc. With a 3.4% rate (around 160,000 jobless people), Hungary is ranked as the fourth lowest in the EU – and secures one if its all-time lowest rates in history –  slightly ahead of Poland (unemployment rate of 3.8%, or 643,000 people), ranked 7th.

Slovakia appears as the worst performing economy in Central Europe in that regard with an unemployment rate of 5.4% (150,000 people), still faring much better than the EU (6.3%) and Eurozone (7.5%) average.

The highest shares of unemployed people were found in southern Europe, with Greece (18.1%), Spain (13.6%) and Italy (9.9%) at the bottom end of the ranking.

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