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Drones and uniforms: Czech Castle Guard gets a security face-lift

Change of guard at the Prague Castle

Prague, Czech Republic – The guard of the Czech presidential castle announced they would move to upgrade their security measures, and might start operating drones in the near future.

Czech Castle Guard to start operating drones by 2024

According to the Czech News Agency, the Castle Guard plans to start using both drones in the air and autonomous vehicles in upcoming years to strengthen the security of the presidential residences. The drones would mainly be deployed at the Lány Castle, the historical summer residence of Czech presidents and monarchs located some 30 km west of Prague.

According to head of the Castle Guard Jiří Kývala, the drones would help them cover and patrol the immense grounds of the Lány residence.

Drones are expected to start operating by 2024, according to M. Kývala, followed a few years later by ground-based autonomous vehicles, that could patrol remote areas of the presidential park, scan the terrain and detect any sudden changes in movement.

The Lany Castle west of Prague is the summer residence of Czech presidents
The Lany Castle has served as a summer residence for the Czech Republic‘s monarchs, aristocracy and presidents since at least the 17th century

New weapons and uniforms

The modernization scheme also includes the acquisition of new weapons for the presidential guard, the reconstruction of the barracks and construction of new premises to be able to host more than 200 additional recruits by next year.

Despite the drastic and very strict requirements, both physical and psychological, needed to join the Castle Guard, Jiří Kývala said he was “optimistic” about filling the positions.

A new design for their uniform, more suited especially for the men and women patrolling at Prague Castle, is also expected to be completed by the end of the year, and is being developed by the local company Koutný.

For the first time, Czech Castle Guards took part to a foreign military mission last year, and were deployed in Afghanistan as part of the NATO training-mission there.

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