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Slovakia’s opposition parties sign pact of non-aggression ahead of crucial ballot

Slovakia's opposition agree to cooperation ahead of 2020 elections

Bratislava, Slovakia – The 2020 parliamentary elections might be more than six months away, Slovakia’s opposition parties are already gearing up for the crucial ballot.

On Wednesday, the alliance between Progressive Slovakia (PS) and Spolu (Together) announced they signed a so-called “non-aggression pact” with the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) ahead of the 2020 national elections.

As the TASR news agency reports, the PS-Spolu alliance and centre-right conservative KDH, none of which currently holds any seat in Slovakia’s National Council, aim to increase pre-election cooperation between their parties, and vow not to attack each other in the run-up to the election, instead concentrating their efforts to unseat the ruling Smer party of Robert Fico.

Slovakia’s opposition pact also binds the parties to immediately address the issue if the pact of non-aggression is violated by one of their members or representatives.

Other than a simple non-aggression pact, the agreement signed on Wednesday is seen as the first step to further negotiations and identify areas where their respective political agenda can overlap, and plan for a potential post-election cooperation.

The agreement was signed by newly-elected Progressive Slovakia leader Michal Truban, head of the Christian Democratic Movement Alojz Hlina and chairman of Together, Miroslav Beblavy.

Michal Truban, who acknowledged that parties differed on a number of policy issues, highlighted the need to bring forth a new generation of politicians, and added that other opposition parties were welcomed to join their initiative, in an effort to step up pressure on Smer and its junior coalition partners.

After securing the victory of its former deputy-chairwoman Zuzana Caputova in this year’s presidential elections, Progressive Slovakia joined forces with Spolu ahead of the European elections, of which they emerged victorious as well, dealing a second electoral defeat to Fico’s Smer party that has since then been facing an unprecedented crisis and drop in popular support.

Progressive Slovakia and Spolu recently renewed their cooperation agreement ahead of Slovakia’s 2020 parliamentary elections.

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