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25-year-old man arrested for threatening attack on Czech schools

Prague, Czech Republic – A 25-year-old Czech man was arrested in Prague last week after threatening to launch an attack against schools in the Czech capital.

Czech police had been dealing with the threat since last month, when threats to attack an unspecified school in Prague were posted on a fake Facebook profile.

Czech authorities had informed the direction of all the establishments in the Czech capital city, reinforced security and police patrols around schools and had been tracking the man behind the anonymous threats in cooperation with Europol.

According to police spokesperson Vlasta Suchánková, talking to the Czech News Agency (CTK), the 25-year-old man, who had been living in Britain until then, was detained on Thursday at Prague’s Vaclav Havel airport right after landing in the Czech Republic.

The young Czech citizen from the Central Bohemian region, who reportedly “wanted to draw attention to himself”, is said to be cooperating with police investigators, and could face up to two years in prison.

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