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A majority of Czechs unhappy about their salary

Prague, Czech Republic – Although most Czechs are unhappy about their salary, a vast majority of the population appears to be overall satisfied with their job.

According to a survey conducted by the CVVM agency last month, a majority of Czechs (61%) are unhappy about the salary they receive at work and considered it was less than they deserved – a 2 percentage points increase compared to last year.

Moreover, just one third of Czechs believe they receive a fair compensation and sufficient wage. Only 2% of respondents thought their pay was overestimated compared to their workload.

Although mostly unhappy about the level of financial compensation, three fifths (60%) of Czech respondents expressed satisfaction with their job, a share that has remained more or less stable since 2014.

Work satisfaction in the Czech Republic reached a peak in 2009, when nearly 70% of respondents considered themselves satisfied with their work. Managers, senior professionals and self-employed workers were the most likely to be satisfied with their job.

A vast majority of respondents (78%) also say they’re not afraid of losing their job, while only 15% of them are considering leaving their current employment in the near future.

Finally, 75% of Czechs perceive their workplace relationships as positive.

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