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Man ‘breaks spine’ after harness slides off during a bungee jump in Poland

Gdynia, Poland – A 39-year-old man has reportedly broken his spine after his harness slid off (or snapped) during a 100-meter bungee jump at Rady Europy theme park in Poland. Latest reports claim that the spinal cord has luckily been spared and it is understood that he should be able to move once he has recovered.

According to local news website, the unnamed man was conscious at the time of the accident and when he was rushed to hospital to be treated. He has been diagnosed with a “multi-organ injury” and a broken spine. He’s reportedly been put into an orthopedic collar, can move and is in a ‘good state’.

The incident, which took place on Sunday, has been captured on camera and widely shared online and on Reddit.

In a Facebook post, Bungeeclub, the company who organised the jump, states that “the most important thing is that the health of the participant of the unfortunate jump is in no serious danger”, insisting on the fact that “he didn’t break his spine”, that the jumper is now in “good condition” and that “he was not admitted to the hospital ward”.

The post also claims that “all equipment used by our company has all the required approvals” and that “jumps are conducted by qualified and experienced instructors in accordance with all procedures”. The company even goes as far as praising themselves for being the only bungee jump company in Poland to use professional skokochronu – so-called “pillows” – claiming that it was because of this that tragedy was avoided.

In another post, the company says it is currently working with the police and the prosecutor’s office to clarify the incident.