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Huawei denies espionage allegations in Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic – Chinese telecoms giant Huawei publicly denied allegations of espionage activities in the Czech Republic.

During a press conference in Brussels, Huawei EU media manager Jakub Hera Adamowicz denied reports that it engaged in potentially illegal spying activities in the Czech Republic, the South China Morning Post reported.

“We have never been engaged in any intelligence activities in the Czech Republic”, he said.

In his statement, M. Adamowicz also denied reports from the Washington Post that the Chinese conglomerate was secretly operating in North Korea.

His denial comes as a direct answer to an investigation published on Monday by the Czech public radio, claiming some employees of Huawei’s local branch routinely engaged in gathering data about top public officials and businessmen and passed on their information to Chinese officials.

As in other Western and EU countries, Huawei has come under intense scrutiny in recent months and has been accused of being a threat to national security¬†due to its alleged ties to China’s intelligence agencies.

Last December, the Czech cybersecurity agency warned state institution and private companies against using Huawei products and services in strategic sectors.

Huawei has always denied any wrongdoing and claims it’s being targeted and slandered without any tangible proof.

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