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Czech Republic issues special 20-crown coins to mark foundation of Czechoslovakia

Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Central Bank (Česká národní banka) on Wednesday issued 30,000 sets of six special 20-crown coins to mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia and the introduction of the Czechoslovak currency.

Czech Republic issues commemorative coins to mark 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia

This is not the first time Czech central bankers put these coins in circulation: special sets of 20-crown coins were first issued in October 2018 and January this year, at the time accompanied by long queues of applicants in many selling places, while another batch of 20,000 sets of 20-crown coins are due to go on sale in autumn.

The six coins feature the portraits of founders of the First Czechoslovak Republic Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, Milan Rastislav Stefanik and Edvard Benes, as well as Alois Rasin (first Finance Minister of Czechoslovakia), his successor Karel Englis and the first governor of the Czechoslovak National Bank, Vilem Pospisil.

High demand

Contrary to last year, when people had been able to purchase the special sets by exchanging them with coins of the same value, the cost for one set of six 20 Kc coins now varies from roughly 500 to 600 Kc. As soon as the announcement was made, different websites started putting them on offer like, or

According to the Czech News Agency, the new release has been met with a particularly high demand, as a number of people, history buffs or collectors have already booked the purchase of some sets in advance.

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