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Prague and Brno in top 10 best student cities in the world

Brno, Czech Republic – The QS Best Student Cities 2019 has placed both Prague and Brno among the most attractive cities in the world to pursue your studies.

Well, at least according to the students themselves.

Among many other criteria, the prestigious QS ranking comprises a ‘Student View’ indicator, a ranking based on a short survey completed by nearly 90,000 students and recent graduates worldwide.

The survey is designed to assess students’ overall opinion of a city and evaluate its student-friendliness based on a variety of factors (nightlife, affordability, employment opportunities, arts and culture, tolerance, diversity, friendliness, ease of getting around, etc.).

Prague and Brno among world’s top 10 most student-friendly cities

According to the QS survey, both Prague and Brno are ranked in the top 10 best students cities in the world.

Ranked 8th worldwide, Prague has cemented its place in recent years as one of the most attractive student destinations, not only in Europe but in the world. Boasting a number of top-ranking universities, including world-famous Charles University (the oldest in Central and Eastern Europe), Prague places 35th overall in the Best Student Cities index (all indicators included).

Among Prague’s strongest points, the index points to its low cost of living and affordability, as well as its rich cultural offer and its diversity – “meaning that international students can enjoy this incredible city without breaking the bank”, which explains why the number of Erasmus students coming to Prague has skyrocketed in recent years.

A previous ranking by the website had placed Prague as the number 1 most student-friendly city in the world.

View of Prague’s Mala Strana district. Credit: Eva Langrov√° – Pixabay

Ranked 6th best student city in the world according to the QS indicator, Brno beats its Bohemian arch-rival and rises three places in this year’s index compared to 2018. Ranked 60th overall in the QS Best Student Cities Index, the Czech Republic’s second largest city also boasts the second highest student ratio of all the cities in the ranking.

Whether you’re a student or simply travelling through the Czech Republic for a couple of days, the capital of Moravia is a must-see, and still relatively off-the-beaten-track destination definitely worth visiting. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out our tips on what to do and which sights to see in Brno!

View of Brno’s historic centre. Credit: Leonhard Niederwimmer – Pixabay

Honorable mention for Budapest and Wroclaw for affordability

Here are the top 10 best student cities, according to the QS survey:

  1. Munich, Germany
  2. Montreal, Canada
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Berlin, Germany,
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Brno, Czech Republic
  7. Boston, U.S.
  8. Prague, Czech Republic
  9. London, U.K.
  10. New York, U.S.

We should also give an honorable mention for Budapest, ranked highest in the world for affordability, as well as Wroclaw, placed third in that category, a city widely considered as one of the most reputable in Poland and included in CNN’s list of “the most beautiful European cities without hardly any tourists“.

London, Tokyo and Melbourne best student cities in the world

Taking into account the overall score and all indicators, here are the 10 best student cities in the world, according to the QS 2019 Index:

  1. London, U.K.
  2. Tokyo, Japan
  3. Melbourne, Australia
  4. Munich, Germany
  5. Berlin, Germany
  6. Montreal, Canada
  7. Paris, France
  8. Zurich, Switzerland
  9. Sydney, Australia
  10. Seoul, South Korea

Overall, Prague comes first in Central Europe (35th worldwide), ahead of Budapest (43rd), Warsaw (51st), Brno (60th), Krakow (104th) and Wroclaw (108th).

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  2. I studied in Prague for 3 years, it is an amazing city for a student. Many beautiful places, many restaurants with delicious food, very friendly people. I think that Prague is really one of the best cities for students.

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