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Why do students from Central Europe study business in Western countries?

Prague, Czech Republic – It cannot be denied that education is essential for a successful career. If you are an aspiring student who wants to study business abroad in Western Europe, then you’ve come to the right place.

While Central Europe does boast a number of prestigious and top-ranking universities, including in the field of business (one of the most popular fields of study), thousands of students from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic flock abroad to the West every year to choose undergraduate and graduate courses.

What encourages students from Central Europe to study in Western European countries

Western countries are best known for their unbeatable climate, culture, history, gastronomy, but also, in the eyes of many Central Europeans who choose to look West, for their numerous career opportunities, higher living wages and better working conditions (one of the main factors why, for instance, tens of thousands of young Poles have moved to the U.K. or Germany in the last 15 years since EU accession).

Selecting the best universities and campuses to meets one’s educational as well as personal development needs and requirements may be a difficult task. Following are the top reasons why most Central European students prefer to study business in Western Europe.

Wide options of campuses 

Western nations offer an extensive range of business schools with numerous campuses across different cities and regions. This will help you make a wise decision when it comes to finding the best European university to attain higher education, with some of the best business school campuses located in cities such as Barcelona, Geneva, Munich, Madrid and Paris.

Customized educational programs

The freedom to choose the ideal educational program that best suits one’s skills, knowledge and interests: throughout a number of prestigious universities, students are able to pick their desired education program, including Master’s, Bachelor’s, Foundation, and MBA programs that include over 25 specializations.

Outstanding faculty

It’s a fact that the faculty is the most important factor to consider for quality education. Most of the Western schools offer a competent and knowledgeable faculty that will assist and guide students in learning in the best possible way.


Your time, effort, and money invested for your educational needs are all worth it since you can learn from an insured, prestigious and reputable university. Western universities can give students among the the highest satisfaction for their educational goals.

Photo credit: EU Business School

Benefits of studying in Western European countries

Aside from finding your dream university, you can also experience the following benefits.

Improving your language skills

Studying business abroad is also key to enhance your language skills, and thus better understand your environment and get an effective academic experience. This is especially the case for Hungary, for instance, which is one of the handful of EU countries where less than half of the working-age population knows at least one foreign language. Reciprocally, the fact that Poles are the most proficient in English in Central Europe can also be explained by the mass of Polish students who studied in the U.K., for instance.

Quality education

You can experience various styles of learning, which will help you to learn the needed skills and knowledge in your course. With their effective education system, you can have an excellent quality education that will be very helpful for future success – and can sometimes compensate rampant deficiencies in their national education system, like in the case of Slovakia, often cited for its persistent educational weaknesses.

Exploring a new culture

Studying abroad allows you to explore and understand new cultures. With this, you will know how to deal with different customs, social environments, traditions, and taste new types of food. This is one of the main reasons cited by Czechs, for instance, who are more and more numerous to choose the Erasmus student exchange program to study in Western European countries.

Personal development

And finally, studying business abroad in Western countries can help your personal development. It can help you improve your decision-making skills, leadership abilities, and independence.

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