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Ukrainian named “International Master of the Polish Language”

Warsaw, Poland – After winning the international Polish language competition 2019, a Ukrainian national has been crowned as the greatest non-native speaker and master of the notoriously difficult Central European language.

Ukrainian national Khrystyna Harvat has been named as the “International Master of the Polish Language” this year, Polish Radio reported.

Now in its 29th running year, the annual Polish language competition is based on a dictation exam and is designed to test the fluency and mastery of hundreds of non-native speakers of the Polish language.

Organized and funded by Poland‘s National Agency for Academic Exchange in cooperation with the University of Silesia in Katowice, the contest goes hand-in-hand with an intensive language and culture course where contenders can improve their knowledge of the notoriously difficult Polish language.

This year, Khrystyna Harvat from Ukraine beat over 220 contestants from Europe and all over the world, with courageous participants originating from far-away countries like Singapore, India, China, Brazil or Argentina.

The second place of the 2019 edition of the competition went to a Slovenian citizen, while another Ukrainian and a Croat were tied at the third place.

Ukrainians are the largest foreign-born community in Poland, accounting for a large majority of the foreigners living in the country.

According to official statistics, over 200,000 Ukrainian citizens officially reside in Poland, but real figures may be much higher.

In the last few years, it’s estimated that from one to two million Ukrainians have come to Poland, by far the largest provider of first residence permits in the entire European Union.