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Tesla to expand car sales in Poland and Hungary

Budapest, Hungary – Tesla announced it was strengthening its foothold in Central and Eastern Europe, making its vehicles available to order in Poland and Hungary, as well as Romania and Slovenia.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had already announced earlier this summer that he was planning to expand its presence in a number of Central and Eastern European countries, relatively small but dynamic automotive markets where the car-maker was not selling or servicing its vehicles.

On Twitter, Tesla confirmed late last month that it was expanding its car sales to four markets in Central and Eastern Europe, and that its Model 3 were now available for order in Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. The expansion also applies to the company’s iconic Model S and Model X.

According to some estimates, Tesla’s sales in those four countries combined should not exceed 1,000 in the first few years of operation.

The electric car-maker already has a service center in Warsaw, Poland, where many customers had already purchased Tesla vehicles from other countries before its official market entry. Another service center is due to open in the near future in Budapest.

Poland and Hungary also have respectively four and two Supercharging stations, with more to be installed soon, according to the electric car-maker.

According to some sources, Tesla is also planning new expansions to other markets by the end of the year, including Kazakhstan.

In May, Tesla launched its first service center and car dealership in the Czech Republic, in Prague’s north-eastern district of Vysocany.

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  1. In Prague there is only service center, not dealership. Czech Republic and also Slovakia in Central Europe are still without possibility to order car from Tesla.

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