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Syrian man accused of ISIS beheadings charged in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary – A Syrian man suspected of having carried out beheadings and killings for the Islamic State (ISIS) has been charged by Hungarian authorities following his arrest a few months ago.

On Tuesday, Hungarian prosecutors announced they had charged a 27-year-old Syrian man, only identified as Hassan F. and whose exact identity wasn’t disclosed, with terrorism and crimes against humanity for perpetrating beheadings and killings in the name of the Islamic State.

Among other crimes, the man is accused of beheading a local imam and killing at least 25 more people and civilians, including women and children, who had refused to join the terrorist organisation in the western Syrian region of Homs, back in 2015.

The ISIS follower is also suspected of having drawn up a “death list” of all the people who refused to identify with the goals of the Islamic State, according to prosecutors in Hungary, quoted by local media.

Hassan F. was arrested at Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Budapest in December last year, in possession of forged documents. He was subsequently detained by Hungarian authorities after his affiliation with the jihadist movement was discovered, in an operation carried out in cooperation with Eurojust and Belgian authorities.

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