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Czechs are the least extravagant holiday spenders in Europe

Prague, Czech Republic – According to data from the EU’s statistical office, Czechs are the most thrifty and economical population in Europe when it comes to holiday spending.

EU nationals spent €467 billion for holidays last year

According to Eurostat, EU citizens spent, in total, nearly €467 billion in holiday trips last year, mainly on trips outside their home country (56% of the total). Nearly three-quarters of total tourism expenditure (78%) was spent within the EU (either in their home country or in another EU member state).

Three countries account for over half of the EU’s annual holiday expenses: Germans (€129 billion), French (€82 billion) and Brits (€61 billion).

On average, EU citizens spent around €377 per holiday trip – €223 for domestic trips and €812 for outbound trips in a foreign country. The average expenditure per holiday night stood at €75.

Per holiday trip, the biggest spenders and least sparing were citizens from Luxembourg (€769 per trip), Austria (€641) and Malta (€633).

Czechs are the least extravagant spenders while on holiday

On the other hand, Czechs were the ones who spent the least per holiday trip: with a total of over €5 billion spent last year, the average expense per trip stood at only €140, the single lowest in the bloc and nearly three times less than the EU’s average.

According to Eurostat, Czechs spent around €72 for domestic trips and €430 for holidays abroad. All trips included, they spent an average of €34 per night.

Croatia, Slovakia and Italy are the favourite foreign destinations for Czech tourists

Slovaks are Central Europe’s biggest holiday spenders

Interestingly, their Slovak neighbours, the biggest spenders in Central Europe, appear much less cost-conscious, with an average expenditure of €249 per trip (€138 in Slovakia and €454 for outbound trips), or an average of €62 per night – nearly twice as much as Czechs.

Poland and Hungary stand somewhere in-between. With a total tourism expenditure of €12.5 billion, Poles spent an average of €216 per trip.

Hungarians only spent a total of €3 billion for holidays last year, or €161 per trip, slightly more than Czechs but among the lowest in the EU – interestingly, Hungarians are the ones who spend, on average, the smallest amount of money when it comes to foreign trips (only €318 per trip).

Only one in every five Czech cannot afford going on a 7-day holiday, compared to over 35% of the population in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary