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Czech population increases due to immigration

Prague, Czech Republic – The population of the Czech Republic increased by nearly 19,000 during the first half of the year, reaching 10.67 million inhabitants mainly thanks to foreign immigration, according to new data from the Czech statistical office.

The demographic increase resulted entirely from international migrants, while the natural balance (difference between live births and deaths) was negative by 2,000.

The positive international balance (difference between immigrants and emigrants) entirely contributed to the Czech population’s increase, amounting to 20,900. The total migration balance was higher by 2,700 compared to the same period last year: while a bit more than 13,000 emigrated from the Czech Republic between January and June 2019, more than 34,000 immigrants settled in the country during that same period.

Like last year, the overall population living in the Czech Republic would have shrunk if it weren’t for foreign immigration.

According to both UN and EU predictions, the Czech Republic is set to be the less vulnerable to demographic decline due to the planned impact of international migration: EU experts estimate the Czech population to drop by 8% by 2100, compared to nearly 30% in Poland and Slovakia.

Foreign migrants were dominated by nationals from Ukraine, prevailing among both immigrants and emigrants (positive net migration of 8,600, or more than 40% of the total and already the largest foreign-born community in the Czech Republic).

They were followed by Slovaks (net migration of +2,100), Russians and Romanians (+1,100 each).

The migration balance of Czech citizens was slightly negative, meaning that more Czechs left the country than came back.

During the six months of the year, a bit more than 21,000 people moved to Prague (including 11,000 from abroad and 10,000 from other Czech regions), while nearly 16,000 moved out of the capital city (including over 6,000 who moved abroad).

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