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Košice and Katowice among most trending Airbnb city breaks in Europe

Bratislava, Slovakia – Slovakia’s second biggest city of Košice and Poland’s industrial hub of Katowice count among Europe’s cheapest and most trending Airbnb destinations for British travelers.

According to Airbnb’s City Barometer, released last month in cooperation with Post Office Travel Money, “a growing number of U.K. holidaymakers are swapping established European favourites, like Paris and Amsterdam, for a new generation of hotspots, many of which offer a much cheaper alternative” to traditional destinations.

British tourists are increasingly putting value first and heading to lesser-known, off-the-beaten track and cheaper destinations, often located in Central and Eastern Europe.

According to the study’s Airbnb booking figures, the most trending city breaks are Lviv, in Ukraine (with an increase of 166%), followed by Antalya, Turkey and Košice, Slovakia’s second biggest city and capital of the country’s eastern half.

Rounding up the top 5, the southern Polish city of Katowice comes at the fourth place, followed by Lisbon.

If you’re spending some time in Kosice, be sure to travel through the neighbouring Presov region, eastern Slovakia’s hidden gem.

According to the study, both Košice and Katowice offer some of the greatest value for money, with respectively £196 and £192 for a standardized basket of 10 items, including accommodation, cultural visits, restaurants, tourist attractions and transport.

“However, our barometer research reveals that prices vary just as much in the new generation of short break cities as they do in more established destinations”, warns Chris Dewe from Post Office Travel Money. “So we advise people to do their homework and check local prices before booking to get a more accurate idea of their holiday cost”.

According to Airbnb’s U.K. City Barometer, here are the top 10 most trending destinations among British travelers in Europe:

  1. Lviv, Ukraine (+166%)
  2. Antalya, Turkey (+151%)
  3. Košice, Slovakia (+136%)
  4. Katowice, Poland (+102%)
  5. Lisbon, Portugal (+99%)
  6. Kaunas, Lithuania (+94%)
  7. Tirana, Albania (+91%)
  8. Moscow, Russia (+84%)
  9. Bari, Italy (+75%)
  10. Alkmaar, Netherlands (+72%)

More established destinations in Central Europe, like Prague and Krakow, have long been struggling with the explosive growth of Airbnb rentals, which local officials and residents have tried to regulate, especially in their city center.

Currently the most trending Airbnb destination in Europe for British travelers, Lviv is a must-see city packed with fascinating history.

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