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Short animated Czech movie wins prestigious ‘Student Oscar’

Prague, Czech Republic – ‘Daughter‘, a short puppet animated movie by 33-year-old Prague-based Russian director Daria Kashcheeva has been awarded the prestigious ‘Student Oscar’ for best animated film from international schools, delivered by the U.S. Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The brilliant and moving 15-minute-long ‘Daughter‘ is “about the relationship between a father and his daughter”, explains the director, a student from the prominent Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU).

“However, I feel it is also about relationships between people who are close in general. How one small misunderstanding can influence such relationships for a long time and why it is important to be able to forgive those who are close to us”.

After Jan Svěrák’s ‘Gobblers‘ (1989) and Marie Dvořáková’s ‘Who’s Who in Mycology‘ (2017), this is the third time the Czech Republic, often seen as one of the main pioneers in movie animation techniques, receives this award, dubbed the ‘Student Oscar’.

Reacting to her nomination, she said: “My film came into existence thanks to the inspirational atmosphere and professional conditions at this particular [FAMU] school”, a renowned cinema school that has been the breeding-ground for talented Czech and Central European filmmakers for decades.

Daughter‘ has also won a number of other prestigious international awards, including at the Annecy film festival in France and the Melbourne International Film Festival.

“I am very proud of the achievements of the Department of Animated Film. This is the reward of their long term efforts, which in recent years is reflected in success at film festivals and various awards”, said the dean of FAMU, Zdeněk Holý.

The Academy Awards revealed last week the complete list of winners of the 46th Student Academy Awards. Better known as the ‘Student Oscars’, it was established in 1972 to “provide a platform for emerging global talent by creating opportunities within the industry to showcase their work”.

The official award-winning ceremony is due to take place in Los Angeles, on October 17.

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