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18-year-old Polish neo-Nazi jailed on terror charges in the U.K.

Warsaw, Poland – A young Polish neo-Nazi, aged 18 years old, has been sentenced to prison in the U.K., making him the third Polish national to be jailed this year on far-right extremism and terror charges.

Jacek Tchorzewski, an 18-year-old neo-Nazi, was just sentenced to four years of imprisonment by a British court after admitting to nearly a dozen counts of possession of terrorism information, including many DIY instruction manuals on how to make firearms and how to manufacture homemade bombs.

According to Judge Anuja Dhir, Tchorzewski, who was arrested at Luton Airport in February, had a “keen interest in weaponry and explosives websites” and held “far-right extremist views”, labeling him an “offender of particular concern”.

Commander Richard Smith, head of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command, explained that “Tchorzewski’s obsession with neo-Nazism, terrorism and weaponry was not harmless curiosity. It was clear from the sheer quantity of terrorist material and neo-Nazi propaganda on Tchorzewski’s devices, and his friendship with Dunn-Kozorowski, that his mindset was one of violence and hatred towards communities other than his own.”

Evidence submitted during the court proceedings showed that Tchorzewski was obsessed with achieving neo-Nazi goals through acts of political violence and terrorism, and was also an avid reader of Satanist texts and writings. A photo of him holding a Nazi flag and doing a Nazi salute was found among his belongings.

“It is worrying that someone this young chose to become a neo-Nazi and download terrorist how-to guides”, commented Jenny Hopkins, head of the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) Special Crime and Counter Terrorism Division. “Let me be clear, possessing terrorist material is a criminal offense and, like Jacek Tchorzewski, people who do so risk going to prison”.

The young teenager from High Wycombe, north-west of London, had previously said that his “dream” was to carry out a large-scale attack and had also written in a notebook, found in his prison cell: “Let’s fill our hearts with terror and London’s streets with blood”.

According to the BBC, “Tchorzewski described himself as being among ‘the most radical Nazis’, who related to ‘other instances of alienated individuals filled with blessed hatred towards humanity, such as cults, terrorist organizations, or lone instances of serial killers”.

According to some reports, the teenager has been undergoing tests and examinations by doctors to determine if he has Asperger’s syndrome.

Linked to the Sonnenkrieg Division, a U.K. neo-Nazi radical group whose self-declared aim is to overthrow the current political system, Tchorzewski was also connected with Oskar Dunn-Kozorowski, a Polish neo-Nazi who had notoriously called for an attack against Prince Harry and called him a “race traitor”. Dunn-Kozorowski was jailed earlier this year, along with Michal Szewczuk, another high-profile Polish far-right extremist in the U.K.

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