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Not just F-35s: Poland has big plans to prepare for a war with Russia, The National Interest

The National Interest takes a look at how Poland, which just purchased 32 F-35s health jets from the U.S. in the biggest arms deal in its history, is preparing a complete overhaul and modernization of its army to deter Russian aggression.

Meadow-fresh whites from Eastern and Central Europe, The Guardian

Looking for inventive and unusual wines from Slovakia and Czech Republic? The Guardian’s got exactly what you’re looking for.

Sporting Witness – The pole-vaulter who insulted the Soviet Union, BBC

The BBC looks back on Władysław Kozakiewicz, the Polish pole-vaulter who won the gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and caused a diplomatic incident after insulting the home-crowd to celebrate his victory against his Soviet rival.

Poland’s PiS aims to regulate journalists after the election, Politico

Politico highlights mounting worries in Poland sparked by the ruling nationalist party’s desire to create a “new media order” which could considerably restrict the freedom of the press.

Gay and Catholic in Slovakia: ‘Christianity can look different’, Balkan Insight

Balkan Insight sheds some light on the growing voices in Slovak society advocating the need to reconcile their Catholic faith with tolerance towards the LGBT community.

Poland wants its citizens to leave the U.K. It should support those who call it home, The Guardian

In the Guardian’s opinion columns, U.K.-based Polish journalist Jakub Krupa reacts to the Polish ambassador’s recent call to Poles to consider coming back home ahead of the Brexit deadlines, and highlights the conflict between the envoy’s “consular duty” and the “political ambition” of the government to lure back the nearly 1 million citizens established in the U.K.

Poland’s ruling party pledges pre-election minimum wage spike, Deutsche Welle

The Polish government has vowed to increase the minimum wage by 90% over four years. Economic calamity, stroke of political genius or unabashed electioneering? asks Die Deutsche Welle.

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