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Google Cloud to open new hub in Poland

Warsaw, Poland – Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian announced on Friday that the company will open a new cloud hub in Poland to help customers in Central and Eastern Europe benefit from its cloud services. “With this new region, Google Cloud customers operating in CEE will benefit from low latency and high performance of their cloud-based workloads and data,” said Kurian.

Earlier this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai visited the Polish capital of Warsaw where he announced Google’s commitment of $20m for digital skills programs across the CEE region.

A strategic partnership for a Google Cloud hub in Poland

The company also announced that it is forming a strategic partnership with Poland’s Domestic Cloud Provider (DCP), founded jointly by PKO Bank Polski and the Polish Development Fund, to help Polish businesses take advantage of cloud services.

“Together, our goal is to accelerate cloud adoption by large and small businesses alike, across all industries,” said Kurian, who claims that digital technologies are becoming the next growth engine for the Polish economy. “Over the next five years we’ll train experts to help Polish businesses on board to the cloud, as well as provide insights and strategic advice on how companies can maximize the benefits of their cloud deployments,” he added.

For Michał Potoczek, CEO of Domestic Cloud Provider, “this is an important moment for the Polish economy. We are very proud to partner with Google Cloud and to see them bring a new cloud region to Warsaw,” 

“Global enterprises are already building their competitive advantage on Google Cloud and now we will be able to offer customers in Poland the same advanced technology available worldwide,” he added. “A Google Cloud region, together with our own infrastructure, will allow us to build hybrid services which will bring even more value to our customers.”

Google Cloud currently operates 20 cloud regions around the world, including six in Europe. Credit: Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s European ambitions

The company currently operates 20 cloud regions around the world, including six in Europe, in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany.

According to CNBC, the announcement underscores Google Cloud’s ambitions to expand its cloud infrastructure across Europe. In an interview with CNBC, Kurian said Europe is a “big area of focus” for the business. “We’re actually growing faster in terms of people, customers, revenue here than in any other part of the world,” he added.

Kurian told CNBC the company is “very very confident” in its growth across Europe, pointing to “enormous consumer demand” for cloud services in sectors like banking. “People here in Europe are really beginning to adopt cloud,” he added. “At some point there was reluctance to adopt cloud. I think now they see the value that cloud can deliver.”

Google Cloud will also create new cloud regions in Seoul, South Korea, in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, USA.

Cloud computing allows businesses and consumers to store and access data, apps and software using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

The two biggest cloud services providers in the world, Amazon and Microsoft, have also been expanding their infrastructure in Europe.